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Fact Sheet


Abacus Group offers you the diagnostic tools to see beyond the obvious. Since most water intrusion in the exterior of a building causes a differential in temperature, a heat-detecting camera can accurately locate and identify the areas causing the problem.

Abacus Group’s state of the art Infrared System can pinpoint temperature differences as little as 1/100 of a degree Centigrade, constituting a valuable inspection tool. Infrared imaging is a most effective means of determining the condition of your structures, roofing, and electrical systems. We have scanned millions of square feet of flat roofs and masonry walls with excellent results.

Conventional visual inspection of roofs and masonry walls can sometimes miss important information. The roof may appear to be in good condition, but the insulation assembly may in fact be wet, costing valuable heating and cooling dollars. Infrared scanning detects the heat which is emitted from wet roof insulation and saturated masonry.

Where masonry walls are showing signs of distress and water is entering the building, infrared scanning is the only known method for locating masonry wall leaks without the need for costly scaffolding or invasive techniques.

Electrical rooms should also be scanned on a regular basis to identify individual circuits which might be subject to elevated loads, generating excessive heat gain, which may result in a short or power outage.


  • Provide ongoing preventative maintenance program (reduce costs)

  • Eliminate costly guesswork - quantify affected areas

  • Evaluate roof condition before manufacturer’s warranty expires

  • Economical costs for performing service

Abacus Group’s reports include Abstract, Evaluation, Diagrams or Illustrations, and Thermogram Photos which provide all the background information necessary to assist the building professional in the development of a remedial course of action.